A bit about the series:

As someone new to this ‘DJ’ game, I honestly feel incredibly lucky to be in a city like Cambridge which offers so many opportunities to perform, learn and in essence grow your love for music. Every DJ is introduced to music and also inspired by it in different ways. As someone of a Nigerian heritage, I have always been drawn to various forms of afrobeat music. Whether it’s the legendary Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat, or the newer sounds of gqom oh! and nyege nyege, coming out of South Africa and Uganda respectively. I have always had the urge to somehow incorporate these sounds into my sets whenever I have the opportunity to play.


The purpose of this series (maybe? hopefully, we’ll see) is to share some of the artists I have grown to love but haven’t necessarily had the opportunity to play yet. I hope that through this series I can help bring some of  BME artists that continue to inspire me into the spotlight.



Artist Spotlight, Hitmakerchinx:


Hitmakerchinx is the pioneer of the FDM (Flex Dance Music) a style of music which originated from dance battles in mid-00’s America, slowly finding its way into mainstream club culture over the last few years. The genre is reminiscent of dancehall sounds of the early 1990s-2000s layered with a mesh of vocal samples, kick drums and various FX effects. I can only best describe the genre in the words of the pioneer himself - “It’s just energy music. It’s not something you can speak about. You hear it and you don’t know what it is but it makes you move.”


Hitmakerchinx has a recent rise to fame, first touring with Rihanna on her ANTI WORLD Show in the USA and now supporting the likes of ASAP Ferg and Cardi B. In honour, I’ve created a short mix showcasing some of my favourite tracks of his as well as those of some other artists in the genre. Enjoy!

Bez adeosun