Alma Negra X Teto Preto

Artist Spotlight: Alma Negra X Teto Preto


Alma Negra & Teto Preto are two stellar bands from two sides of the globe who are killing it in the afro-latin electronic music scene.


Alma Negra are a swiss based collective with roots originating from Cape Verde to Italy. As a collective, they put a modern twist on the traditional infectious rhythmic percussion that characterises the Afro-beat genre. The mixed heritage of all members in the group has led to a beautiful sonic blend of Brazilian, Cuban and Cape Verdian rhythms across all their releases. The first Alma Negra releases surfaced in 2014 and there has been a steady stream of original productions ever since. Their unique percussive sound has seen them gain support from the likes of Four Tet, Daphni, Hunnee and the collective find themselves as a regular feature Gilles Peterson's radio show.


Teto Preto's formation is somewhat contrasting to the latter, the group in a way emerged as a response to Brazil's current dark political period. The group is inexplicably performative at its core, everything from their music, performances, music videos, artwork etc forms a visual critique of the current status quo in Brazil, specifically the injustices faced by Black Brazilian men and women. Their music videos are truly hypnotising. They are in their own way akin to socio-cultural bio-pics protesting the injustices performed by the Brazilian government, state and all its institutions. The collective has seen a meteoric rise since their emergence, featuring in many headline festivals and shows in South America. They'll be having their first ever performance on European soil in a couple weeks time for Room4Resistance in Berlin.


This mix is a short compilation of some of my favourite tracks from these two collectives. Although world's apart geographically, their infectious percussive sounds layered with diverse afro-latin melodies blends together seamlessly. For a darker post-apocalyptic sound - Teto Preto's full EP 'Pedra Petra' is worth checking out.

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