A Tourist in my own city

Six years later and the Island skyline is much smaller than I had remembered. I’m not towered over by the strips of skyscrapers anymore, and the high rise apartment buildings and perpetually busy street markets no longer engulf me. Where before my Cantonese would flow naturally off my mother tongue to shopkeepers and waitresses, now I find myself stuttering and using English words to fill gaps. Yet, the surprise on people’s faces when they realize I can understand them has not changed after all these years. A series of questions - where is your dad from? when did you leave Hong Kong? - always follows. After living in the West for so long, bleaching my hair dry, and anglicizing my accent, I’ve now become a tourist. Looking around for directions with my camera out taking these pictures I realise: Hong Kong has the ability to make a space so small feel much, much bigger.


Natalie Brierley